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Resensi: The Wizard of Oz - L. Frank Baum

Angin puting beliung menerbangkan rumah Dorothy di padang rumput Kansas yang kelabu ke negeri antah berantah bernama Oz. Berbeda dengan keadaan di Kansas yang gersang, Oz sangat indah. Pepohonan hijau tumbuh subur, buah-buahan segar menerbitkan air liur. Walaupun begitu, bagi Dorothy tak ada tempat yang senyaman rumah. Maka, dia mencari jalan pulang.

Namun, kembali ke Kansas tidaklah semudah itu. Dia harus melewati padang pasir yang mengelilingi negeri Oz dan tidak bisa dilalui begitu saja. Dengan petunjuk dari Penyihir Utara yang baik hati, Dorothy pergi ke Kota Zamrud untuk menemui Penyihir Hebat Oz dan meminta bantuannya.

Di tengah jalan, Dorothy bertemu dengan Boneka Jerami yang menginginkan otak, Tin Woodman yang mendambakan hati, dan Singa Penakut yang mengharapkan keberanian. Bersama Toto si anjing kecil Dorothy, mereka bertualang ke istana Oz dan melawan Tukang Sihir dari Barat yang keji (


It was in 2004, I heard that song above which blew my mind and heart. Soon I found out, it was Somewhere Over the Rainbow. From Google, I knew that it was written for 1939 musical movie, The Wizard of Oz.  It was sung by the main character, Dorothy Gale. Another search result  told me that the movie was an adaptation from one book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Another link brought me to website that provides its e-book. This classic book has been in the public domain in 1956.

I downloaded all chapters include the illustrations. Unfortunately, I didn't not read them all. I just knew its beginning. Dorothy's adventures started with a cyclone. After that I leave it behind. Few years later, I met them again. It was not in a book but in one online game. Not only Dorothy and his dog, Toto, I also saw many characters and some stuff that meant a lot. As you can see in the picture below, there were crow, flying monkey, Munchkins, Tin Woodman, Scarecrow, Wicked Witch of the West, Good Witch of the North, Great and Powerful Oz and Real Oz. Some cards also showed me Emerald City, Heart, Courage, Brain, Axe, Ruby Slippery, Paw Print, Yellow Brick Road and Broom. I wished I had read the book so I could understand the connection between all of them. Sadly, done with collecting the Wizard of Oz cards did not make me read the book.

Then 9 years later, I finally ate them all. Not the e-book though, but the translated one. I found it in my piles of books. As I always said to one great adventure, this time I repeated again the "I should have read this book long time ago" sentence. All the scenes from beginning until the end were enjoyable. I caught myself more excited when all those character and things in the cards appeared one by one. 

How's the story? It ran like the synopsis above. Dorothy, I never thought that she wanted to go home in the first place.  For years, I kept thinking she loved Oz and enjoyed every moment there.  She even mentioned that famous quote, "There is no place like home",  in the chapter 4.  I did make some speculations about the book. Such thought was also influenced by song above. But some part were puzzled me. I got no idea how to put them in the story. Especially about the wizards and witches. I should have got the answers by reading the book. Unfortunately, I kept postponing it. Ignoring it was my mistake in the first place. Overall, this book surprised me. I had fun with it. When I thought it was a fun part, the author gave me a serious scene. Then when I gave my wild guess it would be humorless, it was end up with something funny.

I got no problem with the translation. I could captured them all in every chapter. It was not difficult to picture Dorothy and her friends. I could easily feel what they felt. The imagination were easily created. Besides the illustration inside helped me  a lot. It was drawn beautifully. But old habits die hard. When I was reading it, I still wondered how the original work was. I wanted to know what Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman or Cowardly Lion said in English. They said many  good quotations. The author indeed put many great message inside. I hope there will be time to go through the original including the audio version. I think it would be a nice tale to tell at night. I will update this review right after I finish the English version and audio book. So I can share those good quotes.

As I said above, this book was made into musical movie. I have seen its trailer and some scenes. I caught one thing that was little bit different. In the book,it was silver shoes. But in the movie they changed it become ruby slippers. I am going to find the rest. 

This is the first book of L. Frank Baum that I read. I am going to read his next book. The Marvelous Land of Oz has been translated as well. I hope it will be as fun as The Wizard of Oz. Actually it is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. But the publisher here cut it become The Wizard of Oz.


Author: L. Frank Baum
Translator: Alva Indriani (Terj.)

Publisher:  Atria –  Oktober 2010, 206 pages.


*The video above is not mine. I just share it here from youtube. 
** The Wizard of Oz cards picture above was also not mine. It belongs to packrats game devs.

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